Curtis Butterfield, 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Official Curtis Butterfield site is up. Go check it out now...!

Head on over to  All the latest info with be there from the family.  Check it out and keep up to date!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Curtis has been moved from the University of Iowa Hospital to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. He will begin his rehabilitation now, in a room overlooking Lake Michigan. He is strong, determined and has made exceptional progress, but still has a long road ahead...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Donation blog is up!

Hi everyone -

My name is Rob - I've known Curtis Butterfield for around 17 years.  I played guitar with him (he sang) for 'Uphold' from 1995 to 2005, a band out of the Quad Cities.  During this time, I've come to know him like a brother - we spent a LOT of time together during our days in Uphold, and still to this day enjoy playing games online as a form of social gathering.  So, there is a special bond of 'geekiness' that we share, which I have exemplified here via this post.

Certainly I'm not his only friend (he has many), but I'm a huge fan of him and have tons of respect for who he is and what he does.

Recently, Curtis has been hospitalized due to a serious head injury and up until quite recently (he was hospitalized on November 8th, 2010) was not able to speak.

If you are a close friend and have not been receiving updates on Curtis' status, send a message to his wife on Facebook (Sarah).

I realize that this site isn't going to be used as a blog in a conventional sense, but it seemed like a really good way to accomplish what I wanted with little coding or administration as possible, making it easy for the family to use and manipulate if necessary.

The mission of this site is to provide a means for you to give to Curtis' family to help offset the huge medical expenses that are coming their way.

If you aren't familiar with why this site is here, I suggest you check out the 'about' page above.

Thanks to all.

Rob Dunn (personal friend to the Butterfield family)