Curtis Butterfield, 2010


I'm sure that Curtis would be too proud to ask for help financially, but I'm not :)

The Butterfield family is in need of any financial assistance they can get.  Paying for what insurance doesn't is only the first hurdle.  There are many other expenses that we cannot quantify which doesn't include medical costs: Gas/travel, accommodations, food, baby care, housework, dog care...the list goes on and on.

Curtis has given a lot to his students, family and is the opportune time for us to give a little back to him and his family to help ease the burden of this adversity.  Especially now we are entering the holidays, it would be great if we could help them to have an enjoyable Christmas.

Even a dollar helps - to the right is a link you can use via PayPal (don't worry, you don't need a PayPal account) to donate what you can for the Butterfield family.  Major credit cards are accepted, and if you do have a PayPal account, you can donate some funds from your current balance.


I am a personal friend of Curtis and the rest of the Butterfield family, but created this page myself with their consent, but not by their prompting.

Your money goes directly to the family

All donations made are deposited directly into a special bank account controlled by the Butterfields (I am only providing a link for you to donate).  The only gain I get out of this is the satisfaction that I have been able to help my friend's family with my nerdy tech skills from 120 miles away.

When you give, you'll see that the charge will be denoted with 'Curtis Butterfield Donations'.

The Butterfield family thanks you for anything you can do.  Whether this be by thoughts, prayers or is all appreciated.  Curtis is a teacher, a husband and a father.  His family needs all the support they can get.